About Me

Visual Artist


Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1982. I obtained a Major Degree in Economics at the USM and worked for several years in the financial sector. However, my passion has always been the drawing, painting, and photography, that's why I made certified Graphic Design studies (Adobe©) to strengthen this passion. I consider myself as a self-taught photographer and plastic artist, looking to learn every day out of the practice. On November 2015, I decided to dedicate myself fully to the plastic and digital arts, being able to participate in collective and individual exhibitions. My work is a fusion between Pop Art and European Posterism of the late twentieth century. My artworks go from the digital illustration to the acrylic on canvas, also applying mixed techniques and using various materials such as paper and resins.

Artist Statement

My work seeks to enhance the link between photography and painting, often echoing a social, cultural and sometimes political background. The world of comics has been a great influence on my works, allowing me to convey a feeling through facial expressions and vivid and vibrant colors. The close relationship of street art and social criticism are part of my influences, which I try to express in some of my works with a critical content of the society and the intrinsic need to show a different point of view that allows identifying the Work with a thought.

Exhibitions and Awards

• Member of the Venezuelan Plastic Artists Asociation (AVAP) • Collective Exhibition “Mi Yo Frida” in Galería Sepia (Caracas, november 2015) • Winner of the "Mara de Oro" Award as Revelation Plastic Artist of the Year (december 2017) • Participant in the IV Art Auction “Por una Sonrisa” for the benefit of San Juan de Dios Children’s Hospital (Caracas, december 2017) • Director of Art of Amo ir al Cine, obtaining the Mara de Oro Award as Revelation Producing Company of the year (january 2017) • Lecturer at the Comics X2 Workshop (Caracas, august 2017) • Individual Exhibition “Influencia del Animé, Manga y Videojuegos desde la perspectiva de un venezolano” in collaboration with the Venezuela’s Japan Embassy during the celebration of their cultural week (Caracas, march 2017) • Individual Exhibition at the Caracas Comic Con (Caracas, from 2016 to 2018) • Collective Exhibition “Sólo Mujeres” at the Venezuelan Plastic Artists Asociation (AVAP) (Caracas, march 2018) • Selected artist for artworks inspired in “Avengers Infinity War” for Disney Latin America (Caracas, april 2018) • Collective Exhibition “Libertad” at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) (Caracas,june 2018) • Lecturer at "El Arte de Comic" Workshop during the celebration of the International Children's Day at the Venezuelan Plastic Artists Asociation (AVAP) (Caracas, july 2018) • Collective Exhibition “Una Obra por Venezuela” at the Old U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Building (Miami-EEUU, july 2018) • Collective Exhibition “Libertad” at the Ateneo de El Hatillo (Caracas, july 2018) • Collective Exhibition “Erotic” at the Venezuelan Plastic Artists Asociation (AVAP) (Caracas, septiembre 2018) • Collective Exhibition “Mitos y Leyendas” at the Ateneo de El Hatillo (Caracas, september 2018) • Selected artist for artworks inspired in “Ralph Breaks the Internet” for Disney Latin America (Caracas, october 2018) • Collective Exhibition at Red Dot Miami (Miami Art Basel 2018) (Miami-EEUU, december 2018)